The Twogether Group
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The Twogether Group

The Twogether Group is a group of married couples or seriously involved couples who want to expand their relationships through travel, Volunteering or fun and exciting activities. Our hope is that we will bring couples Twogether who will change communities, have a positive impact on the institution of marriage and change the world.


1. Moulin Rogue Gala
2. All White Pop-Up Dinner
3. Volunteer
4. Weekend Getaways
5. Bowling Night
6. Paint & Pour
7. Blue Waters

Moulin Rogue Gala


This is a Formal Gala where couples are encourage to showcase their best attire. This is our yearly signature event that will showcase live music in a posh atmosphere and the menu will be prepared by some of Nashville’s Top chefs.

All White Pop-Up Dinner


This event is the latest craze that’s going around our Country. Its fun, adventurist and Spontaneous. Here How it works, The Venue and location will not be announced until the day of the Event. You can bring your own food and set up your table how ever you desire.



Volunteering is a great opportunity where we can provide a service to promote goodness and to improve a person’s quality of life just by giving some of our time.

Weekend Getaways


This is a short Commute, usually 4 hours or less to another city. This trip is designed to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

Bowling Night


This is a chance where couples come out and bring the family to fellowship for an evening of Bowling. This event is always weather proof.

Paint & Pour


This is one of our most popular events. This activity will give you and your significant other a chance to explore your artistic talent or lack there of. Enjoy soft music, light orderves in a great atmosphere.

Blue Waters


This Event is when we will spend 4 days at a Caribbean destination where we will visit the soft, calm seas at an all-inclusive resort.

Interested in joining The Twogether Group? Use the form below.