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Join The Twogether Group

The Twogether Group is a group of married couples or seriously involved couples who want to expand their relationships through travel, Volunteering or fun and exciting activities. Our hope is that we will bring couples Twogether who will change communities, have a positive impact on the institution of marriage and change the world.

Weekend Getaways


This is a short Commute, usually 4 hours or less to another city. This trip is designed to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

Volunteer / Community Service


Volunteering is a great opportunity where we can provide a service to promote goodness and to improve a person’s quality of life just by giving some of our time.

Date Night


The Twogether Date Night typically is a pre planned evening when married or committed couples carve out some time for themselves away from children and other responsibilities. Date Nights enhance communication, intimacy and is a great way to make that small investment in your marriage or relationship.

Book Club


The Twogether Group Book club meets every Tuesday at 7pm central time via zoom. The book club promotes a love of literature in a positive, nurturing environment. The purpose of the Book club is to learn and discuss topics relating to a successful and fulfilling Marriage.

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