About Us
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About Us

What The Twogether Marriage Retreat Is About

Twogether Marriage Retreat


Twogether Marriage Retreat is committed to providing a bible based retreat that will build great marriages, great people and the understanding that divorce is not an option. Our retreats and workshops are developed by counselors and therapist who have a wealth of education, knowledge and life experiences.


With a full surrender to Jesus Christ and the love he has for us, our children, our homes and families is a life-long commitment that…

  • Keeps on growing in good and bad times,
  • Builds a strong relationship and better friendship,
  • Have more laughs than tears, more hugs than not speaking,
  • Models the relationship that we both dream about,
  • Never misses the opportunity to be a blessing to a friend, family, stranger or the community.

Our vision is to see marriages and relationships flourish in God’s love therefore bringing laughter and purpose that will build great families, churches and communities.


When you go to some retreats many people come to save their marriages. We believe many components had to happen to get to that point. We understand life happens and we will meet you exactly where you are in your marriage. Our program will focus on preventative methods using tools and a game plan prescribed for when life happens.